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Medivet’s environmental focus

You may have spotted the beautiful outdoor seating area outside Medivet on your recent visit – but did you know that this is just part of their overall environmental focus?

The Medivet Basingstoke team explained: ‘At Medivet Basingstoke we aspire to look after our patients as well as the environment. Therefore we have adapted most of our practices to be more environmentally friendly and, where we can’t change them, we try to offset them in other environmentally friendly ways. We use mainly reusable and recyclable materials and packaging. Some of our clients may have noticed our new outside seating area with a comfortable bench and plants. The bench helps our anxious patients because they can wait outside away from other pets and the plants not only make our space beautiful and improves mental health, but has also attracted some insects and we were very excited to notice a hummingbird moth sucking the nectar on the flowers! To keep our water usage to a minimum we have been collecting the condensated water from our air conditioners and are using that to water our plants. We hope to make a difference with our small contributions to the environment and endeavour to keep finding new ways to improve.’