Environmental Policy

At Chineham Shopping Centre we recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment wherever possible. Sustainability and reducing environmental impact are central to our business strategy alongside making a difference within our local community.

We are committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Encouraging environmentally responsible behavior throughout our workforce
  • Improving the awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst contractors, tenants, and visitors
  • Continually improve by putting sustainability at the centre of operational decision making; incorporating small and large changes to centre operations and processes which have a positive environmental impact 
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible and practicable by developing non-polluting practices
  • Communicating ways in which the local community can engage and contribute to centre sustainability initiatives
  • Setting goals and targets to continually improving our environmental performance

Our Environmental Goals:

·   Reduce our carbon footprint
·   Improve energy efficiency within all common parts of the centre
·   Promote the reduction, re-use and recycling of our wasteand focus on waste minimisation
·   Ensuring safe and efficient storage and disposal of all waste
·   Educate all stakeholders

Chris Carter

Centre Manager