Meet the artist!

If you’ve visited Chineham Shopping over the last few weeks, then you may have spotted our Hampshire Hog who has taken up residence near the bandstand!

Our Hog is part of a wider trail organised by Destination Basingstoke which will run right through until early October. Earlier this year, Centre Manager James Wall had the opportunity to select which Hog he’d like featured in the centre, and here he explains why he chose this particular Hog: ‘With the Great Binfields Copse being so close to Chineham Shopping, we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful wildlife and we thought that Teela’s design captured this so well. We hope that visitors to the centre, both young and old, will admire the high level of detail that Teela has captured with each of the featured animals.’

Local artist Teela Blacklaws named her design WILBER, and she gave us a little insight into how she developed her design:

‘WILBER was inspired by the wonderful wildlife that we have in Hampshire. We are really fortunate in Basingstoke to have many open green spaces and scrub land that hosts a vast array of beautiful creatures. Painting animals is one of my favourite things to do, so when I saw the brief 'Hampshire' there was no question that I was going to paint a bluebell badger and a majestic fox!

I really enjoyed the process of painting Wildlife Hog.

It was a really hot week and the paint dried instantly. I work fast and this worked in my favour as I could create layers to depict the fur and feathers on the animals without having to wait. To speed up the process of the background I created my own foam stamps of daisies and leaves; this helped to build a uniform look to the foliage which I could then paint in to with more detail. I have named him WILBER as he is a vibrant joyful piggy whom I hope we can all enjoy!’

Chineham Hog